5 Hacks That Will Have You Loving Meal Kits

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What’s the secret ingredient to getting the most out of your meal kit delivery service? Sure, the thought of having someone else do the planning and shopping sounds great, but how do you make sure you get the most out of the service you choose? There’s not just one simple answer. In fact, there are many ways you can optimize your experiences with healthy meal prep services. Here are our top five hacks to help you get the most out of your meal kit delivery.

Explore your options

There’s a reason so many people have turned to meal kits, making it a $5 billion industry. There are so many options that it’s hard to not find one that works for you. It’s important to find the meal kit that is right for you. Unlike prepared meal delivery services, there’s an abundance of options. There is a various array of options, catering to many different diets. Don’t be afraid to search around until you find the one that fits you. Most subscriptions allow you to start, pause, and cancel your subscription whenever you need to, making shopping around easy. Research the benefits of different companies. For example, Purple Carrot specializes in vegan options, while Sun Basket has 8 plans including Paleo and Low Carb.

Choose the healthier meals

Most meal kit services allow you to choose the meals you receive. Hello Fresh, for example, has 12 weekly meals for users to choose from plus 3 different meal plans. When given the choice, choose the option that provides the greatest nutritional value. Often times, this will give you the greatest monetary value too. For example, salmon is the healthier choice versus pasta. Not only do the nutrients win but salmon is also a premium item, costing far more than pasta. You will usually get to make this choice without having to pay extra, meaning you get more bang for your buck. Go for veggies and lean proteins and avoid the [cheaper] carbohydrate-rich meals.

Keep track of your schedule

The last thing you want is a meal delivery when you weren’t expecting it and worse when you don’t need it. Organizing your schedule and setting reminders will help you avoid the guilt of food waste when a delivery shows up on the weekend you planned to go out of town. Because subscription services often allow you to set deliveries for weeks in advance, use calendar and reminder systems that will help you keep track. Gmail, Outlook, and even your Mac all have simple systems that allow you to enter your delivery dates and pop up a notification when your delivery is due.

Avoid burnout

Doing the same thing in the kitchen every night is an easy way to get bored and burn out quickly. It’s always a good idea to mix things up a little. You probably don’t need a meal delivery service every day or even every week. One of the best things about these services is that you can pause them whenever you need to. Schedule deliveries for times when you need them the most and try other options when you can. Plan for days where you know you want to cook, have free time, or want to go out to eat. Scheduling breaks from your meal kit delivery service will help you avoid burnout and figure out a routine that works for you. Keep in mind that certain services like The Foodery don’t require subscriptions making it less likely to burn out.

Learn new tricks

Choosing a meal delivery service is a great way to learn new tricks in the kitchen. When you choose options like Blue Apron, you cook the ingredients that they deliver. In other words, it’s not the same as prepared meal delivery services which eliminate cooking. You don’t need to take a cooking class to expand your knowledge and palate. Pay attention to the ingredients and recipes and use what you have learned to experiment on your own. You will be amazed at what you pick up just by trying new foods and different cooking styles.

Your meal kits should work for you and provide you with the opportunity to spend time with your family and do the things you love. When you take advantage of the flexibility and choices available, you’ll have more time, less stress, and great tasting meals.