5 Reasons to Ditch Meal Kits and Try Prepared Meal Delivery

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When you think of shaving minutes off the time it takes you to prepare a healthy dinner at the end of a busy day, meal kits are often one of the first things that come to mind. This growing industry has rocketed in popularity over the past 5 years with companies such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh dominating the front lines. Meal kits have become popular for their time saving benefits. They remove the shopping and prepping portions of your meal, allowing you to simply follow an easy recipe and produce a gourmet-style meal. However, many of the 9% of Americans who have tried meal kits are not completely satisfied with what they thought would be their be-all, end-all solution. The are asking themselves, “is there a better way?” In answer to this question, there absolutely is a better way. Prepared meal delivery services, such as The Foodery in Boston, offer many solutions to the drawbacks of meal kits. Continue reading to learn about 5 reasons why you should ditch your meal kit for a prepared meal delivery service.

1) No Food Prep

We all love the convenience of having things delivered to our door, and our dinner is no exception. However, with meal kits, some prep must still be done. While the majority of the prep is done for you, some companies still require you to chop onions or slice meats before or after cooking. Furthermore, companies such as Kroger do not include some of the basics like salt, pepper, and olive oil, assuming you already have them at home. Ditch the prep entirely and avoid purchasing a kit lacking the basic staples by letting a prepared delivery service, like Soulfu3l in Boston, do the work for you.

2) No Cooking

With meal kits, after you have done the prep they require, you also have to cook them. Typically this takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes, added to the 10+ minutes of prep work you have put into it, you have now invested close to an hour to prepare your meal kit. This can be both mentally and physically taxing after a long day of work. Healthy meal delivery services such as Metabolic Meals come chilled and fully prepared. You can choose to microwave them for 3-4 minutes for a quick, easy dinner, or reheat by sauteing on the stove top if you do not like microwaving. You will love the diversity, too. The Foodery offers 18 menu options per week and they all take just a few minutes to reheat.

3) Less Cleanup

With cooking comes dishes, and meal kits are no exception. Reduce the after dinner drag of cleanup by opting for prepared meal delivery instead. You will only have to wash your plates and silverware, saving you approximately 20 more minutes. Instead of doing dinner dishes after you eat you are now free to take spend more time with the family or catch that yoga class.

4) Less Packaging Waste (No Eco-Guilt)

If you have ever used a meal kit you know they are delivered in large boxes with every single ingredient individually packaged in plastic. We all do our best to be eco-friendly, but all the packaging waste can create some serious eco-guilt. This happens when our actions (throwing away a bunch of non-recyclable packaging) conflict with our beliefs about being “green” or “eco-friendly”. Prepared meal delivery services have far less packaging, especially when you decide to purchase locally. Also, many meal delivery companies are striving for more recyclable packaging. The Foodery, for example, has 100% recyclable packaging which includes aluminum meal containers with cardboard lids and plastic sauce cups, all delivered in a brown paper bag.

5) Less Stress and More Time Savings

Relieve your dinnertime stress after a long day of work by cutting out the planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Saving 3-4 hours per week allows you to spend time in other ways with family, hobbies, or just relaxing! Reducing stress is a very important contribution made by prepared meal delivery services.

While meal kits aren’t without their merits, prepared meal delivery services take you all the way to the end zone when it comes to being a superior, time-saving solution. With meal kits you do have the benefit of learning to prepare new cuisine and saving a little time on planning and shopping, but if you are looking to get serious and find the quickest, easiest way to put a healthy dinner on the table, meal delivery services will take the cake every single time. So what are you waiting for? Give one a try!