6 Benefits To Using Prepared Meal Delivery Services

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What’s for dinner? This is an all too familiar question in many households. Cooking the same thing for dinner week after week, wondering if the dinner you prepared is healthy, dreading going to the grocery store, considering stopping for take-out several times a week – sound familiar? If so why not consider healthy prepared meal delivery services?

Time Better Spent

According to the Time Use Institute the average amount of time spent in a grocery store is 43 minutes – okay, so that does not sound terrible, well not yet anyhow. Based on this average, a trip to the grocery store, even if only once a week, would suggest that the average person is spending approximately 150 hours per year shopping for groceries. Additionally, the United States Department of Agriculture states that the average time it takes to prepare, serve, and clean up after a meal is approximately 37 minutes or 224 hours per year (this based on preparing one meal a day, seven days a week). Now do the math – that equates to over two full weeks per year! Think there is nothing that can be done. Think again. Prepared meals delivered right to your door can free up a ton of time.

Healthy Eating Is Possible

We hear it all the time – “healthy eating is key to a healthy lifestyle”. While it is a challenge to eat healthy, cooking healthy can present even more of a challenge. According to The Mayo Clinic a healthy diet consists of “a variety of foods from the major food groups: fruits; vegetables; whole grains; low-fat dairy products and lean protein, including beans and other legumes, nuts and seeds; and healthy fats”. Companies such as The Foodery, Freshly and Kettlebell Kitchen are Boston meal delivery services that provide healthy meal delivery right to your door.

Cut Out Some Stress

Studies have shown the negative effects that stress can cause. The National Center for Biotechnology Information, has published an article titled “The impact of stress on body function: A review”, which confirms that lifestyle changes have a huge impact on reducing stress. Start simple – try an alternative such as prepared meals a couple nights a week to alleviate the stress of the dreaded chore of making dinner every night and notice the stress start melting away.

Make Cooking Fun Again. Wait, What?

Most of us can remember a time when cooking was fun and possibly even relaxing. Coming up with new and creative dinners was exciting when you were able to see the look on the faces of all those enjoying what you cooked. This can be a reality again. Using prepared food delivery a couple nights a week can cause the nights you do cook to become a fun process again rather than a chore. It is not work when you like what you do.

Your Time-Your Schedule-Your Choice

Prepared meals offer customized plans tailored specifically for you and your family. Do not worry about your picky eaters – there is something for everyone. The Foodery offers fully prepared meals made with care using only the best ingredients for you. Delivery within the Boston area is just another added bonus.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

The Foodery is a Boston food delivery service that constantly adds new foods to accommodate various diets and tastes. To fully appreciate a wide variety of foods, you have to be able to taste them. There is a difference between enjoying a meal, and truly tasting every flavor and ingredient that goes into it. The prepared meals we offer will be sure to satisfy all types of eaters in every stage of life.

Without the daily dreaded thought of wondering what to make for dinner you can experience a miraculous change. Imagine receiving a package on Sunday evening that includes your individually tailored meal plan with healthy delicious meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (you are halfway through your week). Thursday, spoil yourself and have your favorite take-out or enjoy a family dinner. Friday, Saturday and Sunday make dinner and enjoy it again. This CAN be a reality – it will be life changing – it will provide a happier and healthier lifestyle. Try it out. Prepared meal delivery game-changer for you!