7 Life Events Where Healthy Food Delivery Services Make Sense

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The hustle and bustle of everyday life can make cooking every night a challenge. In fact, nearly 60% of your time spent at home revolves around food preparation and clean-up. On most days, you may already have this down to a science, whether it be by combining meal kits and takeout, or a mix of healthy food delivery services with cooking from home.

What happens when you have an unexpected or major life change, though? Everyone goes through both planned and unplanned life changes, but these changes do not have to add to your stress levels. By delegating some of your responsibilities in the kitchen you can spend more time and energy dealing with these big changes. Healthy prepared meal delivery is the answer you have been searching for and will provide you with healthy options in difficult situations. Continue reading to discover seven occasions where healthy prepared meal delivery can save the day.

1. Adding a Newborn to the Family

Adding a new baby to the family is a huge life event which, thankfully, gives you a few months to prepare. If this is not your first child you already know how time-consuming newborns can be, and if you are a first-timer, take it from us. Newborns must be fed on demand, and that demand can be anywhere from 8-12 times per day and at all hours. Babies also like to be held nearly constantly. With interrupted sleep and waking time being consumed caring for and bonding with your newborn, the last thing you want to think about is preparing a meal. As your due date approaches, consider ordering through a healthy prepared meal delivery service such as The Foodery. They will prepare you fresh, nutritionally balanced meals to order and deliver them right to your door two days per week. Just heat and serve so you can spend more of your time focused on what is most important.

2. Job Change

While changing jobs is often an expected change, it is still one that comes with a whirlwind of stress. Learning new routines and spending time training can mean working longer hours. Spend your time and energy focusing on peak performance at your new job and leave the stress of cooking to services such as Freshly, a meal delivery service who always delivers fresh, never frozen meals. They also accommodate many dietary restrictions and boast a menu completely free of gluten and peanuts.

3. Need A Break from Cooking

You don’t always need to have a big life event to need a break from cooking. Sometimes the day-to-day rush can put you out of the mood to prepare a meal at the end of the day. Some people just flat out do not like to cook! Instead of reaching for another takeout menu, take a break from the monotony and stress by ordering a from a healthy prepared meal delivery service. Putting a gourmet, healthy meal in front of your family has never been easier, and you get a much-deserved break as well. Try a food delivery service a few days per week or even every day if it suits you, finding your balance will be key to your dinnertime success.

4. Illness

We can never know when illness will strike. Something simpler, like the flu, will affect up to 20% of Americans each year. Trying to get groceries and prepare a meal when you are feeling like you have been hit like a truck can be nearly impossible. Plus, you do not want to spread your illness to the rest of your family. Occasionally, life-changing illnesses or injuries happen, such as a car accident. This can put us out of commission for some time as we recover. Having someone else shop for, prep, and cook your meals can take some of the stress out of your recovery time.

5. Post-Vacation

Have you ever returned from vacation and thought it would be great to go grocery shopping and get back into your meal prep routine? Most people would disagree, and if you plan, you will not have to. Before you return from your trip, put in your order with a company such as Factor 75, and order your meals for the first few days back after your vacation. This will ease your transition back into everyday life and ensure you continue to eat a balanced diet.

6. New Year’s Resolution

The number 1 New Year’s resolution for 21.4% of Americans is to lose weight and eat healthier. Utilizing a healthy prepared meal delivery service like Fresh n’ Lean can help you achieve this goal. They use all organic ingredients and offer a wide array of menu items and meal plans, so you can stick to your resolutions and eat healthy.

7. Looking to Eat Healthier in General

You don’t have to make a full-blown resolution to just eat healthy in general. Using a healthy meal delivery service, like The Foodery, can help you do this. Utilize their healthy, well-balanced meals a few nights per week and see a healthier, happier you.

Whether you are expecting a baby, changing careers, or just looking to eat healthier, healthy prepared meal services are for you. Give one a try and fall in love with how much easier they make your life. Be smart and plan for your big life changes, you will not regret the decision to delegate your stress, and ensure healthy, well-balanced meals for you and your family.