8 Reasons To Consider Meal Kit Delivery Services

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What’s your reason for considering meal kit delivery services? Maybe you want variety in your dinners, but you’re not sure where to start? Perhaps, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t find time to meal prep and cook dinner, or maybe prepared meal delivery isn’t what you’re looking for. Thousands of Americans are already opting for meal kits and the industry is expected to grow 25-30% over the next decade. There are plenty of reasons to lessen your burden and consider a meal kit service.

Here are our top eight reasons:

1. No more scouring Pinterest for a recipe everyone will love

Sometimes after a long day at work, if you don’t get straight to the kitchen and start cooking, the family isn’t going to eat until midnight. Looking for a recipe to meal prep that not only tastes as good as the pictures look, but will please your children takes time. You’re already looking at 37 minutes to prep and clean-up your meal; many nights, there is just not enough time to have to look up a recipe too. Healthy meal prep services such as meal kits provide easy to follow recipe cards that will result in a delicious family-friendly meal in 15-45 minutes.

2. Less time at the grocery store

Guess who is at the grocery store when you get off of work — everyone else who just got off of work. According to Today, the weekends are even worse. Unless you go during the middle of the day, shopping for your dinner ingredients can be stressful and time-consuming. And while services like Instacart keep you out of the grocery store, you still need to create the list and place the order every week. Why not let somebody else do the shopping and planning for you? Opting for a service like Home Chef minimizes your time at the grocery store.

3. Less food waste

Let’s be honest, there’s at least one spice container in your cabinet right now that has only been used once. There may also be a slowly decaying vegetable in your fridge because the latest recipe only called for one-quarter of it. According to the EPA, Americans throw away more than 38 million tons of food every year. When you buy meal kits, everything is pre-portioned. No more buying extras that you will never use. You keep your pantry clean and help reduce global food waste.

4. Eating healthy is easier

Most meal kits provide a well-balanced meal, keeping in mind the nutrients that you need. You don’t have to worry about whether you have enough vegetables or too many carbs. Plus, because you see everything you are putting in your dish, you are easily able to make substitutions. Prefer coconut oil to butter? No problem, just swap it out. And with companies like Hello Fresh, you will be eating seasonal, sustainably-sourced food without having to worry about added hormones or antibiotics.

5. You will amaze your family with your culinary skills

It may seem like you are just reading off of a recipe card and following directions, but when you create your own meals you are learning about the composition of a dish. Sure you just added flour to butter to create a roux, but you also learned how to thicken your sauces with a new cooking trick. Your cooking skills will grow tremendously as you experiment with different flavors and tools.

6. Your kids can cook too

There are many benefits to bringing your children into the kitchen with you and meal kits are a great way to get them involved. Meal kits come with easy to follow recipe cards. Have your child read the cards and teach you how to cook, or let them take control and try a little cooking themselves.

7. You can eat the way you want to eat

There’s a meal kit out there for every diet. Paleo? Here’s a list of companies that specialize in Paleo diets. Vegan? Try Purple Carrot. Most meal kit companies come with multiple options for different diets. Even if the first company you choose doesn’t cater to your specific diet, there are many companies that will.

8. Meal kits are cheaper than you think (and less than eating out)

There’s a misconception that meal delivery kits are expensive. While prices vary by company, there are many affordable options. Take Dinnerly, for example. Their meals cost $5 per serving. That’s less than most restaurants charge for lunch.

Create a meal that nourishes your body and makes you proud of the choices you make to feed your family. Choose simple, choose flavor, choose to make your life a little easier with meal prep services. With so many reasons to choose a meal kit delivery service, what’s yours?