About Us

Our Mission

The Foodery provides nourishing products that allow its customers to live healthy lives while also revitalizing New England’s food systems through supporting local farmers, appreciating the environment and spreading sustainable food education.

Our Core Values

Early morning sunrise imageThe best things in life are remembered. And only if an experience is memorable have we earned a place in our customers’ conversations with other people. That’s what we strive to do – consider and improve the experiences people have with The Foodery. With our passionate team having enough fun, we will develop experiences our customers think are amazing.
working on the task listConstant improvement means obligating to only what can be finished. It’s not okay to come up short on a promise. As a company, we pause to think about our capabilities before accepting accountability. It’s not that we shy away from stretching our legs – we just like to run only the races we know we can finish.

team having funOpenness and honesty foster an environment where individuals are set free to express ideas and breakthroughs in their own way. It means not only speaking from a basis of fact and belief but listening without prejudice or judgment. This freedom of thought is the only way The Foodery will continue to improve.

Foodery teammates have a hunger for becoming a better version of themselves. This means educating ourselves about the ingredients we choose and by rolling up our sleeves, visiting and working with our farmers. Continuous education is something each teammate has within themselves and The Foodery is a place where personal advancement is facilitated.
As we strive for improvement, we take our progress in stride. We believe in spending more time listening than talking. We think great ideas come from those of whom we least expect it. We want to be remembered for our body of work and the relationships we build along the way. From the individual to the company, it’s not about us. It’s about what we create.
Doing the most possible with the least possible is a challenge with no end. Doing more with less usually involves spending more time comprehending the core of a problem. It can be hard to find the easy way. It forces us to become better problem solvers. And through great problem solving, we distance ourselves from our competition, impact the environment less and strengthen our profitability as we grow.
We believe fun shouldn’t be reserved for weekends and nights. People spend half their waking hours working so why not spend it enjoying what you do? Whether we’re picking a costume for our Halloween party or participating in an organic chocolate pie-eating contest, we believe in a simple equation- If our teammates are having fun we’re going to deliver amazing customer experiences.
Our teammates bring their same personalities at The Foodery as they do hanging out with friends and family. That’s because The Foodery’s core values overlap our teammates’ personal values and beliefs. We believe there’s an abundance of ideas, passion and creativity within each of us. And when we can be ourselves, real progress can be achieved.

Affiliations & Alliances

The Foodery strives to positively impact New England’s food systems. To help us accomplish these goals, we get involved with the community in ways that help us advance our goals and mission. We get involved and support the following affiliations and alliances:

We are members of the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN). SBN engages business and community leaders in building economies that are green, local, and fair. SBN supports locally owned and independent businesses in improving their environmental business practices, reducing their carbon footprint, and saving money.

We are a proud member and sponsor of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Massachusetts (NOFA/MASS). NOFA/MASS works to educate members and the general public about the benefits of local organic systems based on complete cycles, natural materials, and minimal waste for the health of individual beings, communities and the living planet.

The Foodery believes consumers should have the right to know if their food has been genetically modified. We support and donate to the Non-GMO Project. As a non-profit organization the Non-GMO Project is committed to educating.

The Foodery composts as much of it’s waste as possible. Through our kitchen facility we are affiliated with CERO Composting to handle all of our composting needs. Founded in 2012, CERO’s mission is to improve our communities and while doing right by the environment. As a worker-owned cooperative, every employee has a vested interest in the success of their clients. They take pride in raising the bar for commercial composting; making it easier, cleaner, and more accessible than ever.

The Foodery recycles as much waste as possible. With our affiliation to JRM Recycling through The Foodery’s kitchen facility, JRM Hauling Recycling handles all of The Foodery’s recycling needs. As a family owned and operated business with more than fifty years experience in the solid waste and recycling business, they have grown to become a leader in the industry servicing all of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and parts of Rhode Island.

Food miles. It’s something to think about. From an environmental and a profitability perspective, a centrally located kitchen gives us leverage. Our suppliers bring massive amounts of food to one location. When our product is finished, The Foodery’s delivery drivers, on average, bring 116 pounds of fully prepared food to approximately 20 customers all over greater Boston in 2.75 hours through the use of our route optimization systems like Routific.

Our Team

John Bauer

I co-founded The Foodery in 2012 with my best friend Mike. My responsibilities include enriching and protecting the company’s culture, recruiting, fund raising and creating amazing customer experiences. I previously worked in real estate finance and technology companies since 2001 and have a BA in Business Management from the University of Northern Colorado.

Mike Speights

I co-founded The Foodery in 2012 with my best friend John. I’m responsible for strategic direction, product direction, culinary culture, and finance. I am passionate about creating a better food system for the future that’s in harmony with our bodies and the earth. I was previously a VP of Business Development for Jackson National Life and have an MBA from the University of Colorado.

Jay Walker
Executive Chef

I lead the Culinary Team, overseeing production, teammate development, product quality and inventory. The tech-forward systems allow me to focus my attention on what I enjoy most – creating nourishing food and helping teammates grow. My family and I also love the perk of eating healthy food every week!

Tamas Sarosi
Sous Chef
I lead entire production cycles, coach teammates, manage inventory, and craft amazing food. Personal growth is important to me, and I feel like I have the abilty to grow my culinary and leadership skills here. I appreciate creating food that keeps it’s traditional roots while putting our twist on it. We’ve figured out how to create healthy food without sacrificing taste!
Scott Ewing
Lead Line Cook
I’m proficient at every station in the kitchen. I train teammates, run inventory, and participate in product R&D, so I feel like I’m constantly learning and growing. The Culinary Team has a strong chemistry, and I think the Core Values are a big part of that. I also appreciate not working late nights!
Joseph Grace
Line Cook
I appreciate how organized we are by using systems so we create a very consistent product. It’s also less stressful than normal restaurants so I get to focus more on my craft. I love the ingredients standards like GMO-free and organic spices, and it’s great to work with all the local purveyors!
Cameron Nelson
Line Cook
I love learning the culinary stations but also the behind the scenes processes like inventory and production cycle prep. It makes the work more fulfulling. I’m passionate about the product quality we produce from fresh and local ingredients. The color system we use makes batch production easier too!
Joel Flores
Line Cook
I love being part of a kitchen where everything is made from scratch with high quality ingredients. The systems in place allow us to keep track of our progress and problem solve effectively. We really work as a team and have fun doing it!
Danny Perlera
Facilities Manager

One thing I love is helping my fellow teammates. I help drivers get out on their routes on time. My team and I put a lot of effort into loading every driver’s car with cooler bags and ensuring every order is loaded with accuracy. I keep things running smoothly inbetween culinary and delivery operations.

Thanh Doan
Assistant Facilties Manager
I have performed over 2,000 deliveries and as a Facilities Manager, I make sure culinary operations integrate with delivery operations smoothly. Delivering for The Foodery is not just about delivering food, it’s about delivering a healthy lifestyle.
Jose Zambrano
Delivery Team Lead
I have worked at The Foodery since 2016 and am responsible for ensuring our delivery team has the information and resources they need to make amazing delivery experiences happen for our customers. I ensure deliveries get done “The Foodery Way.”
Paul Nguyen
Assistant Delivery Team Lead
I ensure our delivery fleet makes amazing delivery experiences happen for customers. I manage delivery drivers and all customer contact during delivery. Having made over 1,000 customer deliveries, I ensure the delivery fleet performs at our highest level.
John Cinkilic
Lead Delivery Driver
I am not only a delivery driver but I work with our Facilities Managers in operations to get orders loaded into delivery drivers’ cars. I love meeting our customers in person. It’s great to always put a face with the name.
Chris Ciavarella
Lead Delivery Driver
Delivering a quality product to someone knowing they will enjoy it makes me happy. Every delivery shift I work, I like the opportunity to make someone smile. I’m so glad The Foodery is technology-forward. The apps and systems we have makes this job a pleasure.
Francisco Silva
Delivery Driver
Making deliveries is a great way for me to get out and see our great city. I really like how friendly all of the customers are. It so nice how well our technology works on my phone. I save lots of time and the customers always know when I’m on my way to their house!
Mardia Pierre
Delivery Driver

I am super passionate about food sustainability. I volunteer at farms and this job also gives me a way to be involved in rebuilding our local food system. And hey, I get to make some nice money on the side! Who doesn’t like that, right : )

Yaya Dowridge
Delivery Driver
I have a passion for customer service and making people happy. I love it when I make a delivery to a busy family who forgot they ordered it. The look of delight that great food is at their doorstep is priceless!
Edward Fajors
Delivery Driver
I am not only a delivery driver but I work with our Facilities Managers in operations to get orders loaded into delivery drivers’ cars. I love meeting our customers in person. It’s great to always put a face with the name.
Kate Theriault
Systems Architect
As a technology savvy business, we’re always working on systems advancements! I worked with the leadership team to design and launch our custom technology platform that saves all of our staff a ton of time! It’s rewarding to see how our technology team has impacted the speed and efficiency all of our operations.
Scott Lewis
Website Developer

As a consultant from Lewis Studios, I do my best at The Foodery to ensure customers have a seamless ordering experience. Having managed the entire online experience for over a year, I work with management to continue improving our website and mobile platforms. Ease of use is everything to a customer!

Brian Forbis
Back-end Developer
As a consultant, I recently built a significant part of The Foodery’s back-end custom cloud-based systems so that the website, food production systems and delivery management platform are all fully integrated. I love watching things run smoothly! I look forward to more exciting Foodery projects!

Our Story

Hi there!
We are John and Mike, lifetime best friends who after 10 years into our finance careers and unable to find time to consistently eat healthy, knew it was a time to make a life change and pursue a new passion. We started The Foodery in Lowell, MA (45 minutes north of Boston) in a local day care facility’s kitchen that offered vacancy to us during the weekends. Building the business up so it could truly impact the way food is raised and consumed has always been our goal. Gathering ingredients from responsible farmers and suppliers, making nourishing food and serving local customers would be the way the company would achieve this vision. Building a team with a passion for nourishment and environmental sustainability would be the heart of the business. Today, these pillars continue to flourish as The Foodery serves almost the entire Boston region and buys from dozens of local farmers and suppliers.

​Our growing team here at The Foodery continues to pursue human nourishment and food sustainability. America’s food systems need fundamental change and we intend to do our part in making that change happen. It’s about reinvesting in our local food economy. It’s about spreading knowledge of how and where our food is raised. It’s about creating a healthy environment for younger generations to discover food and learn the skill of properly nourishing themselves. We see a future where local farms are prosperous, nourishing food is abundant and our food economy is vibrant and strong. We hope to cross paths with you and together use our momentum to provide more food sustainability to our communities. Let’s build New England’s food systems for the future!