Here’s What To Look For In A Healthy Meal Delivery Service

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Healthy food delivery services have become one of the biggest staples in the household of busy, working professionals. Over the past five years your choice of companies has greatly expanded beyond their original constraints, so it isn’t just Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers anymore. You also do not have to make it a seven-day commitment anymore. There are now companies who offer commitment-free choices for as many or few nights per week as you need them.

FACT: The prepared meal delivery market grew by 34% from 2012-2015 and is expected to grow 11.6% every year through 2020.

With so many choices, choosing the prepared meal delivery service which works best for you or your family. Continue reading to learn about the different considerations you must make when choosing your prepared meal delivery service.

1. Ingredient Standards

Each company has its own set of core standards for the ingredients they use. This alone is enough to tell you what is and is not in the meals you choose. Some key things to look for are how they choose their proteins and whether they use antibiotic and hormone-free sources. Also, are they using partial or fully organic produce? If you are trying to eat healthy be sure to use a company who offers gluten and dairy-free alternatives. The Foodery in Boston has an Ingredients Standards page which plainly explains what they do and do not use in their dishes.

2. Macronutrient Balance

Next, to ensure a company is offering healthy choices, look at their balance between protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and vegetables. Dishes that are high in processed carbohydrates such as pasta and bread-heavy dishes may not be the healthiest choices, and companies that offer a large variety of these dishes may not be the best choice. Look for lean proteins, such as poultry, combined with brown rice, sweet potatoes, or legumes, and a heaping serving of vegetables. Freshly offers about 25 choices to choose from each week, most of which follow these guidelines. They prove you don’t always have to say no to pasta, but it should be eaten sparingly.

3. Vegetable Density

Ideally, 30-40% of each serving should be vegetables. Eating an adequate amount of vegetables can reduce your risks for chronic diseases and provide proper maintenance for your body. Fresh Meal Plan is a prepared meal delivery service that offers highly plant-based meals which are delicious and packed full of nutrients. Holding to this vegetable density standard will ensure you are getting healthy and nutritious meals.

4. Low Sodium and Sugar

Whether you realize it or not, most packaged foods in the United States are loaded with sugar and preservatives. The average American consumes three times the daily recommended amount of sugar and the verdict is out on the health risks and disease that come with diets high in sodium. It’s vital to seek healthy meal delivery options that minimize sodium, sugar, and their numerous alternatives and substitutes.

5. Flavorful

Like any diet or meal plan, if you do not enjoy the flavor, you will not stick with it. That is why The Foodery believes healthy and tasty can co-exist. Utilizing a fresh meal delivery service over a frozen prepared meal service will ensure dishes packed with health and flavor. The Foodery delivers on the promise that contrary to popular belief, healthy meals can be quite flavorful.

6. Clean Ingredient Labeling

When browsing menus, make sure the company includes a complete list of ingredients that you fully understand and can pronounce. A simple and fun rule to follow is to only consume ingredients that your grandmother can easily understand and recognize as food. The Foodery, Freshly, and Paleo Power Meals are all companies who deliver on clean ingredient labeling.

Making the decision to utilize a meal delivery service is one you will love for years to come. Choosing a company can be easy when you follow these guidelines which will benefit your overall health. Give a few of the companies mentioned here a try and see which one works for you and your family. Healthy prepared meals come packed with nutrition for clean eating and with all your choices, you can use them as many or as few days per week as you need.