How to Create 5.7 Spare Hours per Week with Prepared Meal Delivery

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As a working professional with a family to feed, you may have already noticed how dinner takes more time and consideration than lunch and breakfast combined. In fact, to simplify and reduce time spent on dinner, many families sacrifice nutritional value. Wouldn’t you like to have dinner on the table in minutes while still serving up a meal that is healthy and delicious? With prepared meal delivery services, not only will you save time on meal prep and cooking, but also on meal planning, grocery shopping, and clean up time! On average, a total of 5.7 hours (5 dinners per week) can be saved with the help of these services. Who wouldn’t love to have an additional 5.7 hours to freely spend? Read on to see why you should consider using prepared meal delivery services as part of your weekly dinner routine.

1) Meal planning – 25 Minutes

Most people do not realize how a few minutes of planning here and there can add up. The estimated time spent meal planning is 25 minutes (for 5 dinners). There are many things you must consider while planning the meals for your family. First, you must consider who will eat what by weighing the preferences of your family members. After all, kids can be picky! You also need to think about how much food to prepare and how long it will take to prep. You do not want to come home after a long day just to spend upwards of an hour preparing a meal that you then have to clean up after. It can also be difficult coming up with enough variety to keep your family happy. With all these considerations, you may feel like you are in food prison. Finally, you must prepare your shopping list to ensure you have everything you need to prepare your meals. Prepared meal delivery services simplify this process. For example, The Foodery, a healthy meal delivery service in Boston, provides two menus each week with a total of 18 options to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

2) Grocery Shopping – 41 Minutes

There is no hiding from the fact that grocery shopping is a time consuming and often disliked chore. According to the Time Use Institute, the average grocery shopping trip is 41 minutes and the average person takes 1.5 trips to the store every week! Plus, you need to include driving time to and from the grocery store. Depending on where you live and where you prefer to shop, this can really put a dent in your free time. Say goodbye to that yoga class, grocery shopping is inevitable when you have dinner to prepare every night. By utilizing a prepared food delivery service such as Metabolic Meals, you eliminate the need to go grocery shopping.

3) Meal Prep & Cooking – 150 Minutes

A conservative estimation of time spent on meal prep and cooking 5 dinners is 30 minutes per night. All the little things you do to ensure your meal is a success add up. With a prepared meal delivery service, you eliminate the prep and cooking process entirely. You will no longer have to wash and chop vegetables or marinate and season your proteins ahead of time. You also will not have to try to time everything just right, so it finishes at the same time. Say goodbye to sautéing, boiling, and baking individual ingredients and hello to healthy meal delivery. With The Foodery, you do not have to sacrifice healthy dishes for convenience.

4) Cleanup Time – 75 Minutes

The last thing you want to do after preparing and cooking a healthy dinner is clean up. Another 75 minutes are gone while you scrub pots and pans, wipe down and sanitize your work stations, clear dishes off the table and wash them, and pack away leftovers. With prepared meal delivery services, you will eliminate most cleanup by only having to tend to the plates you eat on! Spend your newfound time going for a stroll around the block with your family instead.

5) Time Spent Stressing About Dinner-Related Activities – 50 Minutes

The time spent stressing about anything related to cooking dinner is its own category, separate from the actual time spent planning the dinner. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to work late, or you get stuck in rush hour traffic and get home later than you intended. Roughly 50 minutes are wasted here. The worst is when you get home and start preparing dinner only to realize you are missing ingredients and need to make a quick run to the store! Take away the stress and healthy food delivery services like Soulfu3l take care of everything for you. Even when you are running late or sitting in traffic, the thought that dinner is already prepared will greatly reduce the amount of stress over the evening mealtime.

In total, you are spending 341 minutes or 5.7 hours on activities related to preparing dinner for just 5 nights per week. What would you do with an extra 5.7 hours? You could work in 5 yoga sessions, have family game nights after dinner, or catch up on some leisurely reading. The possibilities are endless! What are you waiting for? Sign up for a prepared meal delivery service today and see how creative you can get with your regained 5.7 hours every week.