Prepared Meal Delivery for Busy Boston Families

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As a busy, working parent, you already know how difficult it can be to get a healthy meal out for your family every evening. That is why more Boston families than ever are turning to prepared meal delivery as their primary source of healthy dinners. With healthy food delivery services you save time on shopping, meal prep, and cooking, ensuring your time is freed up for the things that matter such as taking your kids to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts or an evening stroll on Boston’s historic Freedom Trail. Whatever you decide to do with your newfound time, read on to discover why busy Boston families are choosing prepared meal delivery over traditional home cooking.

1. Getting a Healthy Meal on the Table – Quickly!

Like many other busy families, you and your spouse are getting home around 6:00 PM only to rush dinner and get the younger children off to bed at a decent time. Typically, this means sacrificing a healthy meal for an easy, microwaveable option. When most people spend an average of 37 minutes per day on meal prep and cooking, it is no wonder we turn to quick alternatives in our struggle to meet the high demands of our busy schedule. Thanks to the increasing popularity of meal delivery services in Boston, you no longer need to sacrifice health for time. Boston families are relying on local companies, such as The Foodery, to do the shopping, prepping, and cooking for them. With a wide variety of healthy, nutritionally balanced meals to choose from, you can rest assured your family is getting the nutrition they need. Food is delivered fresh twice per week, all you need to do is heat and serve.

2. Increase Variety

If you are strapped for time you may turn to a few “go-to” recipes you know you can make quickly. While it is good to have a few good recipes to fall back on, repeatedly eating the same dishes every week can result in a burnout, leading you to reach for the takeout menu. Do not sacrifice your healthy dinner for convenience! Companies like Freshly offer up to 25 dinner options every week, ensuring an increased variety for you and your family. You will be more likely to commit to eating healthy if you enjoy what you are eating.

3. Spend Freed Up Time on Other Activities

Utilize that newfound free time doing the things you enjoy! A few days per week of meal delivery can free up a couple hours which can be spent playing games with your kids, spending quality time with your partner, or indulging yourself in your hobbies. Get back into your exercise routine by catching a workout at Equinox or winding down at Down Under Yoga. You can order as few or as many nights per week as you need with most companies. Find enjoyment in cooking when you only need to do it when it is convenient for you.

4. Stress Relief

It seems there is never a dull moment for working families with children. Whether it be a late-evening sporting event or a mandatory after hours work meeting, you are practically pulling your hair out trying to plan your meals. Too much stress can lead to things like digestive issues, headaches, hypertension, and even heart disease! Alleviate your stress by letting someone else do the shopping, meal prep and cooking. After all, a family who eats together, stays together. Take the time to enjoy the moments where you are gathered together as a single unit, this is where important bonding takes place.

5. Get Your Kids Eating More Vegetables

You are not alone if you are struggling to get your children to eat their vegetables. Maybe you struggle to get enough vegetables yourself. Many meal delivery companies are creative with their vegetables, resulting in an increase of consumption by your kids. Boston meal delivery company, The Foodery, makes their vegetable dishes fun and flavorful, and even makes a meatloaf that is infused with 40% vegetables! Paired with their mashed potatoes that are 40% cauliflower ensures a healthy, balanced meal your kids will love.

You are not alone in your struggle to juggle a busy work schedule, kid schedule, and meal schedule. Join many other busy Boston families in an end to the struggle while reducing stress and boosting the nutrition of your family. Enjoy the saved time, and let someone else do the cooking, while you kick back with a book or another favorite hobby. What are you waiting for? The answer you have been looking for is here.