Prepared Meal Delivery Services: The Empty Nester’s Secret Weapon

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You have done it! The hustle and bustle of life with children has ended as they have all spread their wings and embarked on their own individual adventures. Dinnertime has gone from a mad rush of getting everyone together for a nutritious meal before bedtime to a leisurely process after a long day. As an empty nester you are free to cook, and eat, whatever you want. However, when you are accustomed to cooking for an army, you may tend to produce way more than two people can possibly consume, creating a lot of food waste. While meal kits are interesting, there’s still a lot of cooking to do. The easy alternative is local takeout, but that’s not the healthiest choice. Thankfully, this does not have to be the norm as prepared meal delivery services have become the empty nester’s secret weapon to health and balance.

1. Reduce Expenses and Food Waste

Believe it or not, it is actually more challenging to meal prep for two than it is to cook for four or more people. An average of 50% of all food prepared in the United States is thrown away. It can take some time to adjust and often you will be throwing away higher quantities of food. Considering a healthy food delivery service for your formerly large Boston family is a great way to cut down on food waste and save money in the process. Boston meal delivery company, The Foodery, offers nutritionally balanced prepared meals which come in servings of two, perfect for empty nesters who want to reduce waste.

2. Give Yourself A Break

You have been cooking for decades now, it is high time you take a much-deserved break. While meal kits like Hello Fresh are great for their removal of meal planning, shopping, and prepping, you still have to cook them. Treat yourself and your spouse, try the fully-prepared meals offered by meal delivery Boston companies such as Paleo Power Meals or Macro Mediterranean. Take the cooking out of cooking with their reheat and serve nutrition options. Enjoying prepared meal delivery a few nights per week coupled with a few healthy restaurants per week can take cooking completely out of the equation!

3. Experience Fun & Interesting Cuisine

Decades of preparing food for potentially picky eaters on a busy schedule can really burn you out on your same weekly go-to meals. Now that the kids are gone you are free to expand your palate and try new ethnic cuisines. Food delivery services like Freshly offer up to 25 options per week from Indian-style chicken tikka masala to Persian-style chicken meatballs. Increase your enjoyment at every meal by expanding your palate and becoming an adventurous eater.

4. Spend More Time on the Fun Stuff

Many people genuinely enjoy cooking, but for some of us, the monotony of preparing family meals for so long can really take its toll. By letting Boston food delivery services do the cooking for you, you free up your time which enables you to do the things you enjoy each night. Instead of shopping for groceries and cooking, you and your spouse can explore Boston Common, which is America’s oldest park. You can also amp up your fitness at a local Equinox fitness club.

5. Eat Healthy

While takeout may seem like the easy answer most nights, it is not usually geared up to be a nutritious choice. Swapping out that takeout with prepared meal delivery can boost your nutritional intake and stay healthy. For example, Paleo Power Meals is a completely paleo-style nutrition plan focused around wild-caught fish, grass-fed meats and organic produce. They balance their dishes to be heavy in lean protein and vegetables for a fit, healthy you.

You have done your job, the kids are gone, and it is time for you and your spouse to enjoy a much-deserved break. Spoiling yourselves with delicious cuisine and taking more time to do the things you love is a great way to enjoy the empty nester stage of your life. There are many options for Boston meal delivery services and coupling them with a few nights out at a restaurant here and there is a great way to ensure proper nutrition and variety for both you and your partner.