The 3 Basic Types of Healthy Meal Delivery Services You Should Know

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Whether you’re a busy working parent or single professional, you have made the decision to pursue the ease of stress that comes with utilizing a healthy meal delivery service. While there are many different companies to choose from, you must first decide which type of meal delivery service will best suit your needs. Regardless if you are looking to stay local or just find a healthy frozen meal option, there is something for everyone in the ever-expanding world of meal delivery. Check out the three broad types of services available to see which one will be right for you.

1. Regional Healthy Meal Delivery Services

Most metropolitan areas have their own local meal delivery companies that service their city and surrounding suburban areas. Being local usually means fresh, not frozen. For meal delivery in Boston, The Foodery crafts nourishing meal based on rigorous ingredient standards, sustaining and supporting local farmers and artisans in the process. Fresh meals are delivered twice per week, ensuring lasting freshness for 3-4 days in the fridge.

Another Boston-area prepared meal delivery service, Macro-Mediterranean, offers customized, weight-loss plans. Enjoy Mediterranean-style, vegan dishes and feel better than you have in years with this regional meal delivery service. A weekly alternating menu offers fresh, seasonal ingredients you will love. Due to the freshness factor, variety may sometimes suffer based on which ingredients are readily available for regional meal delivery services to use. However, you will still experience the fresh, nutritionally balanced meals these companies have to offer. Overall, Regional meal delivery services aim to differentiate themselves with superior customer service.

2. National, Non-frozen Meal Delivery Services

If you are looking for a lower cost company who also delivers fresh, prepared meals, you may want to consider a national company. National, non-frozen meal delivery companies are large and offer an enormous variety of their fresh, never frozen meals. However, sometimes your meals may be travelling longer distances which can make freshness a little more challenging. As a result, national companies tend to use much more packaging which can be a concern for those who are environmentally aware.

Freshly is an example of a national meal delivery company who offers fresh, healthy meals, delivered to your door. Choose from a wide variety of meals a subscription options to save time and reduce stress during your busy week.

3. National, Frozen Meal Delivery Services

One of the oldest meal delivery options, national frozen meal delivery is the best option for those seeking a freezer full of easy, healthy options to utilize as needed throughout the week. Nutrisystem and Magic Kitchen are popular examples in this meal delivery category. They deliver healthy frozen meals to your door which have a much longer shelf-life than their fresh counterparts.

You will find the largest variety available with a national, frozen meal delivery service. On the downside, there are often added preservatives, with flavor and texture being compromised to an extent due to the freezing process.

If you are ready to reduce your daily stress and save time, do not hesitate to outsource to a healthy food delivery service a few nights per week. Sample some of the local cuisine as well as the larger corporations to see which type of company will better suit your needs and the needs of your family. Many of the larger companies offer incentive discounts for trying them out, so why wait? Prepared meal delivery is the answer you have been waiting for, and there is a meal delivery service option for everyone.