Who is The Foodery’s Grass-Fed Beef Supplier?

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We find our partner farms through a variety of different channels, and sometimes they find us. Weatherlow Farms owner, Ryan Wagner, reached out to me back in November of last year with an invitation to make a visit to his farm and start a partnership. We began sourcing his farm’s grass-fed beef and have enjoyed the product so much that Weatherlow has become our #2 grass-fed beef supplier!

Ryan worked in finance and real estate (similar to John and I) prior to purchasing the farm in 2014. Inspired by work with conservation groups, his vision for Weatherlow Farms is produce the highest quality food while using farming techniques that protect the environment and are in harmony with soil, animal and human health. Teddy is the protector of the chickens at Weatherlow Farms. He keeps the foxes, hawks and coyotes at bay.

He’s taken a team approach and relies on specialists with unique capabilities and passions to run various parts of the farm. It’s truly a diversified operation that includes a cut flower program, grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken & eggs and now pork. He recently finished construction of a beautiful barn for events (available for rent), and an on-site kitchen and farm store are under construction to be completed by Memorial Day.

Ryan’s vision is for Weatherlow to be a steward of the land and an important member of the community – a place where people can visit, learn visit, shop for local proteins and produce and learn about sustainable farming practices.

If you’re looking to a fun, local day trip, we highly recommend making a visit to Weatherlow. We couldn’t be happier about this growing partnership and will keep you posted with updates on Weatherlow.